Shenzhen--Leisure Shopping Tour 外国人深圳一天游

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【准夸网】Shenzhen--LeisureShopping Tour(II)DayTravel arrangementsBreakfastlunchDinnerHotel1/-Shenzhen//√Best Western Felicity Hotelor Century Plaza Hotel2Shenzhen City Tour√√√Otique Aqua Hotel or similar
Shenzhen--Leisure & Shopping Tour(II)
Day Travel arrangements Breakfast lunch Dinner Hotel
1 /-Shenzhen / / √ Best Western Felicity Hotel or Century Plaza Hotel
2 Shenzhen City Tour √ √ √ Otique Aqua Hotel or similar
3 Shenzhen to / √ / / /
Day1: Shenzhen (Including: Dinner)
Please meet the tourist guide and transfer to check in the hotel.
Hotel:Best Western Felicity Hotel or Century Plaza Hotel

Day2: Shenzhen City Tour (Including: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner)
After Breakfast, let’s start SZX whole day city tour. Heroes Valley, one of the theme park of OCT East, consists of five parts as below:
【Water Park】Twenty thousand square meters of thermostatic world, pided into two parts indoor and outdoor, including three meters shock waves, U-shaped slide, indoor river for drift etc. Just enjoy the passion of the dynamic sea wave zone and marine extreme sports here.
【Rapids Forest】Walking through the primitive forest, enjoy the pure nature, the Knight Valley Giant Waterfall is the first waterfall in the Chinese coastal area, with 300 meters wide and 42-meter water head, looking so spectacular. Walking on the plank road in the fjord garden, listening to the voice of the sounds of nature, and you also can choose fjord drift to experience the world’s longest flume slide trip.

【Seafield Village】America-style town with the theme of wine culture, the building here are all combination of wood and masonry, looks warm and plain. Copper sculpture and wall painting shows the red wine brewing process from grape picking, it seems you were back to the 19th century American California Napa valley of red wines town.
【Eco-canyon Valley】As in the theme of ecology , we can explore and experience all kinds virtual reality of the earth’s natural environment and ecology. Tourists can challenge the unknown world of nature.
【Peak Highland】At the 480-meter altitude, it is best area of Knight Valley Eco Park, and the best place to view the whole OCT East. Here with Cliff Boosters the only one on the top of mountain in Asia, the Sky Tower as tall as 110 meters, the Peak Platform with the completely transparent glass extending to the outside of the cliff, the Aerial Gondola and Jungle Funicular etc...

Day 3: Shenzhen to --- (Including: Breakfast)
Free & leisure until departure to your next place.

*************************** End of travel************************** Shenzhen--Leisure
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